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We provide parts and accessories free of charge for any equipments within warranty period, and customers pay the return freight on their on expense. 


For any damage due to client’s inaccurate operation within warranty period, we will charge extra fee of repairing or replacement. 


We provide free shipping (logistics only, not Express) for any purchase amount over RMB 20,000.

Technology Support Hotline: 0086-755-29451978

Contact us

  • Domestic business: 0755-86001338/86001158/86001798   赖小姐 陈先生 蓝小姐

    Overseas business: 0755-86001868/23108283    Stefanie  Shelly   Sakura


  • Fax:0755-86001758

  • Address: Building A2, 3rd Floor, Jiushun Industrial Park, Liaokeng, Shiyan town, Baoan District, Shenzhen,China

中国印章行业协会理事单位,是生产印章材料、印章设备、玩具印章、文具、文化用品的专业企业, 欢迎来电咨询!

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